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High availability

SSDOnly storage


1 Gbps uplink

Instant Snapshots

Direct online

Monthly cancellable

from € 10.99 € 5.49
per month


Pure Performance

Highest performance

NVMeOnly storage

High CPU clockrates

1 Gbps uplink

Instant Snapshots

Direct online

Monthly cancellable

from € 68.99 € 34.49
per month

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Dedicated Servers

Dell PowerEdge servers

Maximum resources

Always upgradable

Up to 10 Gbps uplink

Dedicated KVM over IP

Direct online

Monthly cancellable

from € 149.00 € 109.00
per month

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Dedicated Servers

Budget friendly

Optimal resources

Sustainable choice

Up to 1 Gbps uplink

Dedicated KVM over IP

Direct online

Monthly cancellable

from € 69.00 € 29.00
per month

Your server tailored to fit, with add-ons that click

With two decades of experience in the hosting industry, we recognize that every business has its unique needs. That's why, in addition to our Managed Servers, we offer a range of Self-managed Servers to cater to everything from high-end to budget-friendly requirements. We're so confident in our top-tier quality and service that we offer monthly cancellations - though we have a feeling you won't want to.

And if you'd like to delegate some tasks? We offer many add-ons such as: backups, proactive monitoring, and weekly updates to lighten your workload.

Our Four Self-managed Server Types

Tailored to your diverse server needs, we offer a range of options.

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Cloud VPS

For those who prioritize stability, our Cloud VPS platform offers a balance between redundancy and performance. Crafted with a vision of paramount continuity, we guarantee robust performance for most tasks. If you're seeking a reliable foundation without the necessity for the utmost power, this is your ideal choice.


Pure Performance VPS

When top-tier performance and reliability are essential, the Pure Performance VPS is your match. This fusion between our Cloud VPS platform and Enterprise Dedicated Servers with an AMD EPYC CPU ensures unparalleled speed without compromising reliability. Ideal for those pondering how to harness the best of both worlds.

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Enterprise Dedicated Servers

For the professional craving complete control and customization. Our Enterprise Dedicated Servers, supplied by Dell, offer a mix of Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC CPUs, generous RAM, and top-tier storage options. When you desire the crème de la crème and a server tailored to your needs, this is your go-to choice.

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Budget Dedicated Servers

For the cost-conscious user valuing reliability and sustainability. Our budget option provides the perfect solution for simpler tasks like backups, mail servers, and other foundational functions. Note that due to their role in our sustainable business program, these servers might have limited availability.

This is what you get with our Self-managed Servers

time saving

Instantly Online

This is a convenient feature when you urgently need a Linux OS, Windows Server, Proxmox or VMware server, we won't keep you waiting. Your
Your Self-managed Server will be ready for you as fast as within 5 minutes.

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100% Uptime

Thanks to our great network connection, your server is quick, stable, and dependable. Our network is 100% available on your Unmanaged Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server. Everything will continue to function efficiently and be accessible.

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Private Network

Using our private network, you can construct an internal network between your Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers. This ensures rapid data transfer inside the same environment, as well as unrestricted data transit between devices.

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Operating system

We support the Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Windows Server 2022, 2019, and 2016 OS'. If our supported operating systems do not satisfy your needs, you can also install the OS of your choice. This is possible with your own ISO through the clientarea.

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The ISO 27001 accreditation is proof that we meet the strictest international (data) security requirements. All implemented security measures and policies are repeatedly audited by an independent auditor. Read all about our ISO 27001 certification here. In this way we guarantee safety, accessibility and quality.

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1Gbps uplink

We understand more than anybody else that your websites and apps must load swiftly. Your VPS' and Enterprise Dedicated Servers provide a 1 Gbps uplink for a fast connection as standard. This provides a lightning-fast connection to and from your server. On demand, your uplink can be upgraded to 10 Gbps.

Our satisfied customers

Houssam Berry

Very good service and support happy to keep doing business with snel..theyr very reliable and stable looking forward to do more business with snel.


Nikolai Mahler

Super service with
Website is amazing and easy to use, not one of those pre-setup hosting panels.
Friendly staff and they even helped me out with custom request and setting something up i didn't manage myself.
I can't complain about anything, got a dedicated and 5 VPS with them.


Richard Chard

I have used servers long enough for now. One of my projects requires a lot of bandwidth and fast server and that’s why I decided to give them a go. So far I have no downtime and fast server. So I got what I have been looking for. I haven’t contacted their support so often, but when I did - I got help from them pretty fast. I believe I pay them honest price.Now thinking of moving other projects to them


FAQ Self-managed Servers

How fast will a Self-managed Server be delivered?

We can deliver Cloud VPS, Pure Performance VPS within five minutes. We can provide all Enterprise Dedicated Servers and Budget Dedicated Servers within five minutes if it is on stock, if a dedicated server is not in stock, it can be delivered within 5-7 business days.

Will you perform backups on my Self-managed Server?

You are responsible for backing up your server. To facilitate this process safely and easily, you could opt for Acronis Cyber Protect. This comprehensive service provides backup, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and endpoint management in one integrated solution. With advanced security including EDR, management, automation, backup, disaster recovery, email security, and data loss prevention, Acronis Cyber Protect effectively safeguards your data. Following the initial backup, only incremental backups are needed, which are time-saving and bandwidth-efficient. Furthermore, backups are encrypted with AES-256 and have SSL support to ensure your data remains secure

What is 24/7 Proactieve Monitoring?

Continuous monitoring can assure service continuity. We actively monitor your server to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and guarantee its continuous availability. Our server monitoring identifies anomalies on your servers and notifies you when discrepancies or odd actions are identified. Whether it's network monitoring, resource utilization, server status, or other issues, we will ensure that you are well informed about your servers status. You can purchase Proactive Monitoring as an additional add-on for your Self-managed Server.

What are the primary benefits of a Self-managed Server?

One of the primary advantages of a Self-managed Server is that you have control over the management of your server. A Self-managed Server is immediately delivered with the operating system of your choosing, 100% Network uptime, SSDOnly storage, Free SMTP Relay, and 1 Gbps uplink.

Which OSs are offered with a Self-managed Server?

On our Unmanaged Servers, we support Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, AlmaLinux, Windows Server 2022, 2019 and 2016 OS installations.

How do Self-managed and Managed Servers differ?

Our managed services include the full maintenance and care for your server, regardless if this is a Managed Cloud VPS, Managed Pure Performance VPS, Managed Azure VPS or a Managed Dedicated Server. With a Self-managed Server you yourself are responsible for the maintenance and care yourself. This entails security, updates, installation, backups, etc.

Where do you host your Servers?

Our Unmanaged Servers are in Rotterdam, the Netherlands by default and our offsite backups are in the EU. If needed, we can provide and manage servers worldwide.

How much does a Self-managed Server cost?

This all depends on the needed specifications. Our Unmanaged servers start at 9.90 monthly.

Do I have root/admin rights on my Self-managed Server?

With a Self-managed Server, the customer is responsible for managing the server. Therefore, these servers come with Administrator access with Windows Server and with root administrator rights with a Linux server.

Do you secure my Self-managed Server?

We secure the network and offer VPS and Firewall solutions. You can secure the server by keeping it up-to-date and you must set up a firewall yourself for even more security.

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